Sophia Ströer, Court Certified translator and interpreter, German native speaker, specialised in the translation of notary deeds in Italy


  • I am a Court Certifid translator and interpreter for English, Italian and German at the Court of Massa, Tuscany, Italy - Authorisation No. 1229
  • Are you searching for a professional and reliable interpreter or translator of Italian, German or English at lake Garda, in Tuscany or in Liguria?
  • Are you in need of a state-certified translator for legal documents such as: birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, contracts?
  • Are you searching an interpreter for your wedding at lake Garda, in Tuscany or in Liguria?
  • Are you searching for a reliable interpreter or translator with excellent knowledge of Italian and English at lake Garda, in Verona, in Venice, in Florence, in Lucca or in La Spezia?
  • Are you in need of an official interpreter for your bilingual wedding in Italy?

  • Are you in need of an official interpreter for your notary appointment in Italy?
  • Are you in need of an accurate translation of your website for a professional presence abroad?

  • Is your company in need of an interpreter for training courses, meetings, conferences at lake Garda, in Milan, Venice, Florence or La Spezia?

  • Are you searching for a communications expert to provide a specific training for your employees to help them understand the multicultural environment at work?

  • Have you got an important meeting or negotiation abroad and would you need an interpreter or a communications expert to accompany you and to reach your business target?





As an experienced interpreter and liaison officer for English, German and Italian I offer the following types of interpreting:

  • Conversational Interpreting
  • Negotiation Interpreting
  • Consecutive Interpreting
  • Whisper Interpreting, Chuchotage
  • Liaison Interpreting

Every interpreting situation is unique and therefore requires a specific and tailored service. Situations where interpreting is needed can be:


  • bilingual marriages at the registry office
  • notary appointments when buying a property (in Italy at lake Garda, in Tuscany or in Liguria)
  • business negotiations with foreign partners
  • training courses in different fields (engineering, luxury goods, properties, etc.)
  • international trade fairs and expert conferences
  • presentations
  • visits at government or public offices in Italy at Lake Garda, in Venice, Florence or La Spezia
  • banking matters in Italy at Lake Garda, in Venice, Florence or La Spezia
  • medical appointments in Italy at Lake Garda, in Venice, Florence or La Spezia
  • guest service
  • public performance




As a state-certified translator for Italian and German and as a professional and experienced translator for English I offer translations in the following areas of expertise:


  • Notary Deeds
  • Purchasing Contracts
  • Engineering
  • Automotive Technology
  • Automotive Industry
  • Luxury Goods
  • Watches
  • Fashion Industry
  • Wine
  • Public Relations, Advertising Texts, Marketing
  • Properties

    ...and many others


I translate amongst others:


  • Notary Deeds in Italy
  • Purchasing Contracts in Italy
  • product catalogues
  • websites
  • presentation material
  • training documents
  • official contracts
  • certificates
  • dissertations
  • CVs
  • final degree certificates

Other Services

Communication advice


During my studies in London for a Master's degree in International Communication and Liaison at the University of Westminster, I gained substantial knowledge on communication strategies. As a result, I offer a sound professional guidance for business negotiations, job interviews and professional presentations. I personally think that a well prepared performance will always pay off. 




As a translator, not only do I possess an exceptional feeling of my mother tongue, but also with other languages. I offer professional proofreading of translations, review of source text and target text, proofreading of dissertations (in all three languages), but also of applications, CVs and other types of texts. 


Property management and assistance with public authorities in Italy 

  • Support with property owners' meetings in Italy (lake Garda, Tuscany and Liguria)

  • Organisation of gardening, cleaning and maintenance work for your property in Italy (lake Garda, Tuscany and Liguria)

  • Change or re-registration of electricity, gas and water suppliers in Italy (lake Garda, Tuscany and Liguria)

  • Banking matters and opening of bank accounts in Italy (lake Garda, Tuscany and Liguria)


  • Administrative procedures in Italy for waste tax, property tax, application for a tax number (codice fiscale) in Italy and application for boat moorings (buoys) on Lake Garda​, in Tuscany and in Liguria

  • Assistance in concluding insurance contracts for real estate, boats, cars and scooters​
  • Registration of main residence in Italy and possibly health insurance in Italy as well as choice of family doctor 

  • Assistance with general administrative tasks in Italy (lake Garda, Tuscany and Liguria)


  • Assistance with bill payments to Italian providers


  • Registration of cars in Italy

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